An Evening of sharing , with Preston's Black History Group - 4th October 2017

Mayor Choir Vicar organisers

Tyndale Thomas MBE enthrals with both his talented singing and art work.

The Mayor and Mayoress of Preston, Lancashire Constabulary’s Chief Inspector, One Voice Community Choir and many people, of all races from the Preston area, attended a wonderful evening organised by Preston’s Black History Group, hosted at Preston’s Free Methodist Church, Watling Street Road on Wednesday 4 October 2017. 


Although the weather outside was extremely wet and cold, the atmosphere inside the church was warm, welcoming and bright. 


Designed to share and celebrate black history and culture in Preston, the audience were treated to the moving testimony of four group members, of  African heritage,  who have close ties with the city. 


The speakers shared their experiences of growing up in and around  Lancashire and what they had achieved through perseverance, determination and hard work. One of the speakers, only 14 years old, amazed the audience, not only in his successes and achievements in the sport of gymnastics, but in the confidence in which he delivered his talk. The next speaker, although apologetic for forgetting her speech, entertained the meeting with her experiences of living in Preston for over 50 years and her passion as a stall holder at Preston’s indoor market. 


Another speaker explained her passion for nursing and how her hard work and determination had led to her success as a specialist nurse in Preston. Not only did she talk from the heart but entertained the group with her natural humour and personality. 


The final delegate of the evening, was One Voice Community Choir’s very own Musical Director, Tyndale Thomas MBE ( announced as Tyndale Roberts for the evening!). Whilst sharing his passion and achievements, Tyndale gave testimony through beautiful song and music. The church resonated with his rich tone and skilled musical ability, sharing songs, some of which he had written himself. 


One Voice Community Choir were truly privileged to join Tyndale on stage to some rousing and joyous songs, which got the audience to its feet. 


Thank you to the group for inviting us to listen to the heartfelt stories and allowing us to share our music with you. Thank you also to the Caribbean Carnival Committee, who exhibited on the evening and allowed two of our members to try on the costumes  - we think these would make a great outfit for some of our concerts!   



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