Focus on ..... - 28th September 2017

Pam and Winston

This week we focus on another member of our One Voice Community Choir family.

Pam Thomas 

 Hi Pam, 


Thanks for chatting with us, as we know that you're extremely busy at the moment. 



So, how long have you been in the Choir? 


I joined the choir and the Soprano section in January 2014. I attended a workshop in November 2013 and was invited to join following the Christmas Concerts. I couldn't wait. 


What made you join One Voice Community Choir?


I have always loved singing from being a child. I used to get told to shut up at home as I got on everyone's nerves. I was involved for many years in my church choir. Prior to this I had performed with school taking a lead part as well as taking part in several choir competitions at secondary school. I also was part of a youth orchestra for many years playing the Clarinet. I am taking that up again at the moment. Music in any shape or form is a gift to us all. 


What do you love about the Choir?


For years I have wanted to sing in a gospel choir. When I found about about OVCC it was when it first started. I waited until retiring to try and become a member. I love the fact that the choir sings both gospel and contemporary music , reaching the hearts of all types of people. I remember recently a comment made by an African member of the audience at one of our concerts. He looked a bit disappointed when we all arrived and said 'he thought the choir would be a black choir'. It was great to see him up out of his seat with the excitement he felt from our music and Tyndale's involvement with them all. 


I also love the fact I have made some very special friends within the choir and the feeling we are part of another family within this. 


So when you're not singing what do you do? (Although, I hear that you should write a Jamaican Cook Book! )


Ha! My activities outside the choir are numerous although, I am restricted in time, as I am a full time carer for my husband Winston. I have great relationships with ex nurses I used to work with many years ago. Most of them are in their 80's and one recently had her 90th birthday and big party. Many of my local friends are within the Jamaican community. So, being married to a Jamaican man brought me a wealth of culture and, as you have alluded to, the ability to cook some wonderful foods.  I am also trying to write a book about our life together. Being in a mixed race marriage during the 60's  wasn't easy, so I hope it will be a great read when done. 



You recently did some charity fundraising for the WRAF, didn't you?


Yes.Being a member of One Voice Community Choir in Preston, takes us to many places singing and raising  money for charities. It's a pleasure being a member of this choir which we see as a 'choir family' and a pleasure helping other groups in society who benefit from our fundraising. Often choir members participate in other fundraising events which are close to their hearts and the following is an event close to mine. I keep in touch with ex WRAF friends, who live all over the country, as well as some school and teenage pals from my home area of Lincolnshire. I am currently involved in a charity marathon relay with WRAFs from all over the country. We walk, cycle or undertake Gym activity to accumulate miles. The challenge was 500 miles for every group of 4/5 WRAFs. My group, the 'Stafford Route 66rs' are nearly up to 2000 miles between us. I have to use a cycle at home as well as short walks as I am unable to leave the house freely due to my caring role. This charity run is over a three month period and is for Cancer, RAFA and the Arboretum. Over £36,000 was raised last year, this year has only about 200 competitors so it won't be as much. 


I recently walked around Chorley, my local area, so I didn't have to leave Winston with carers for too long. We walked a few miles over Saturday and Sunday in our WRAFs T Shirts raising funds and enjoying the chance to be together again for a short while. 


Pam, you are remarkable. Your passion and commitment to Winston is wonderful and you are a great role model to us all. You’re both in our thoughts at the moment and we are honoured that in-between caring for your Husband and fundraising, you are able to be a part of the One Voice Community family. 


Incredible - Thank you!



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