Concert for Peace 1918 - 2018 - 7th September 2017

Stuart McPhillips

Always Remembered, Never Forgotten. A year to commemorate Peace.


In 2014, when many of us were thinking about the outbreak of WW1, a few members of the choir spoke to me about what the choir might do to reflect the WW1 centenary events. I suggested we should focus on the centenary of the first Armistice in November 1918. Reflecting on this and recent events in Britain and elsewhere we decided to involve people across a range of groups and communities from Preston in a Concert for Peace.

A very enthusiastic group of choir members have met regularly and shared ideas. We have begun talking with Preston City Council and other groups about how we might work together.  Not surprisingly the initial idea has grown from not just a single concert, to be held on 10th November 2018, but potentially a series of events throughout the year.

We want to reflect the spirit of Armistice and hopes of peace for all.  All groups and cultures have a common desire to live peacefully and through music we can express and demonstrate these shared values. 

As well as giving expression to our common humanity we hope to involve people who may have little experience of musical creativity and also bring different groups closer together through greater understanding and making music together.

All of this fits so well with the spirit of the choir, which I joined in 2010. We see all our performances as events where we engage with our audience, get them involved and inspire each other.

There is a huge amount of planning still to do and we will probably have to look for further sponsorship or fundraising to get them all off the ground. If you or anyone you know wish to support the project, either through funding or participation, please contact our marketing department via email

Please look out for details of the concert on our website and social media platforms and I know it will be a year that will be always remembered and never forgotten!

Stuart McPhillips : Chair - Concert For Peace



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